Pop Up Cafe

It has been a good few weeks now that I have been submerged in the Pop Up Cafe that comes around every Thursday which along with Soft Touch Arts, Leicester College students and other young people get involved with the cooking and presenting of food to the cafe.

Right now as I typed the pop up cafe is open and already 25 people have come in and experienced the atmosphere and food the young people provide to just the ever day passer by, or the business man on his lunch break. Surveys have suggested that a majority love the food with only a complaint about the room being a bit cold (we are working on that).

As a young person who is working as an invigilator at the Gen Art exhibition, it is great to see so many faces coming along an supporting well sourced, food from young potentials. The soup I have tried is excellent, if only I had the money to go back for seconds and the sandwiches are ginormous nothing like the non-existent ones you get at the local supermarket.

Even though it is still building as a business and may not make a lot a profit, it is a great to see people coming in to buy the food being made right behind where I am sitting.

If you live in Leicester and are walking near by New Walk, then why not give it a go? there’s a small variety of dishes that are well worth the try if you have the chance and your stomach is growling.