Bleeding HeART Outcomes

14th of February, 2015, love was in the air as Valentine’s day filled the hearts of many… we decided to try and captivate these hearts down a darker route for the love filled day. Bleeding HeART was an exhibition I and Lewis organised with the assistance from other young people; Mason, Emily, Nathan, Kim, Sam and Skyla. The exhibition involved interactive elements as well as presenting artwork for the public to see and gruesome but delicious food to try.

The venue was at the Queen of Bradgate pub, who thankfully gave us the space for free and produced the food and drinks at a reasonable price. With the refreshments ready and the artwork up on the walls all the public had to do was walk up the stairs and enter the nightmare that awaited.

Over a hundred people came on the day to take a look at our work, two of my hearts selling and Lewis having his work offered to be on display in the Watch This Space gallery. The performances were great; Jim as Bub, Skyla and Leena giving candy canes out as Candy and Cane, Mason- Dracula but named Romeo the comic highlight, Nathan the Ninja popping up anywhere, Sam and Emily our waiting crew as a creepy doll and surgeon, Helen producing some wonderful violin music, Lewis a burnt faced patient, I a clown and Kieran and Chris our little helpers on the night.

As darkness fell the candles were lit adding to the atmospheric feel, downstairs we handed out black roses to help lure couples up to explore our exhibition.

As the night drew in the monsters slowly faded away, with only our Ninja playing the game provided- Limbo and Romeo with Lewis, I and Kieran left with the remainder of a rotting brain and spare ribs left to eat, the night was over.

Thanks to funding from TMC and our crew of Soft Touch young people and staff the young people led exhibition was a success and I am sure there will be more frightful events to come.





Art work by various people internal and external to Soft Touch Arts