Cank Street

Among the Yellow by Abby Smith

Leicester’s own Cank Street Gallery today opened its first Open Art Exhibition; containing work from myself, Abby Smith (another blogger here), and Kieran Walsh (who works with us at Soft Touch). The exhibit is expecting to take in visitors from around the world, because of the recent opening of the nearby Richard III Visitor Centre. On top of that, there is a grand prize of £500 to go to an overall winner; so this is a great opportunity for budding artists like myself and Abby. The exhibition closes on the 25th of October 2014, just under 3 weeks away. Cank Street Gallery can be found […] Read more »

I, Malvolio review by Abby Smith


So the 24th of May saw I and three others from the STart group went to watch a performance at the Curve Theatre, called “I, Malvolio”. It involved one performer named Tim Crouch, doing a piece based around the Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night”. So, after Jim having booked them, all we had to do was pick the tickets up. Thanks to the Spark festival, we got them for free; and, to be honest, the performance would have been worth the £8 that they were  priced at anyway. The fact we got the opportunity to watch such a excellent performance for […] Read more »