STart cardboard boxes

Thursday the 28th Of August, once again another STart session took place and this time it saw the creation of cardboard being turned into something more.

It started off with our sessional worker doing some cleaning up before the session started. She was about to throw out a cardboard box that was no longer needed when I decided that it could have some use before completely getting rid of.

Cutting out some holes in the box for arms and eyes and drawing a smile I had a character that gave influence for Kieran to go on to along with Jack and Fran to help him paint a Minecraft Creeper on the box I was wearing and then to use the other boxes around the workshop to create a whole armour that then Leena and Kieran then went on to dare Fran to walk to the shop in it and then they’d pay for her chips. So Kieran got on with the main parts and me, Jane and Leena helped with the smaller parts we ended up with a outfit. Being the mannequin, I helped with the size guide and then when the majority was made we placed Fran into her armour.

Once all geared up, off she went with Josh, Mason and Keiran to the shop. 15-20 minutes later, they came back with news that Fran-A-Tron had been successful and the evidence was there, with a box of chips in her hand and Kieran had took photos.

The events of that evening session are shown below;