The group worked at the Carisbrooke Arboretum for two weeks and their work was then on display at the Botanical Gardens in Oadby alongside the annual ‘Sculpture in the Gardens’ exhibition. The work remained there until October 2013.



I went to Yorkshire sculpture park with Soft Touch and really enjoyed it! I preferred the outside sculptures more and being able to walk around freely. The big bunnies and the multi coloured Buddha were my favourite sculptures but they were all very good. When we began the sculpture project I had the idea to make something cage like but also try make. It mix in with nature, that’s when I thought of the metaphor-‘butterflies in my stomach’ and put the butterflies together with the idea of a rib cage, now it was time to make it. It was really interesting working with natural resources and and learning what would work best for which part of my sculpture. I really enjoyed being trusted to use the equipment to help make my sculpture the best it could be, from sanding them, to sawing and hammering all great skills to learn. My end product I was really  with, the willow branches stayed in shape for my rib cage and my butterflies stayed on the branches hanging peacefully without breaking and the fact I could hang it from a tree like a baby mobile and it could spin was a real bonus that made me even more proud of my end result.



I today have been drilling holes into my butterflies and been stripping lime bark and twisting it together to bake strong string to hang my butterflies from on my ribcage of willow and branch.











My trip to Yorkshire sculpture park was brilliant! We met at the soft touch building at 10 o’clock in the morning (which was pretty early!) we then entered the yellow bus to start our journey to York. The journey took us round about two hours  although there was hardly any traffic problems.After two hours of boredom we  finally arrived to our destination,Yorkshire sculpture park.


Once we arrived we had a small picnic  that included donuts (strawberry and chocolate) , crisps, water , Oreos and much more! Soon we were on our way looking around at the marvellous sculptures that surrounded us. My favourite sculpture was the one where you entered and stepped up a couple of steps and looked above where there was a projector that showed what the people outside were doing. Also I liked watching my friends doing silly dances.

I have finally finished my sculpture. Now I’m creating a special  sculpture for my brother as he’s too young to join.

This week has been amazing, there’s been  loads of things to do! Ive enjoyed this years project, i hope i can come next year , hopefully with my brother!!!!



Today I decided to carve a toad stool but I was told by Liam that it was an everyday product that you see in peoples gardens such a gnomes so I decided to be creative and started to carve a big key but it was going to have a leaf design on the key its self. I had to look around to choose a log big enough for the key shape itself. After about two minutes I had spotted a log that was just right with the texture and the shape. I was then asked by vince to draw out the shape that I was looking for, for the key (the keys all come in different shapes and sizes)



Today I began to improve the outlining of the key that I had designed .

What I did in the 4 hours

-I carved the outlining of the leaf for the head of the key

-I had burnt the pattern into the leaf and the key

– Me and Leona burnt the lock fro the key to slot into by using a blow torch on high heat

– After me and Leona had burnt the top of the lock we then sanded it down so it would make a dark tone instead of a bright wooden lock. With the burning process it made the lock look seasoned

erica drawing



Today so far I have smoothed the edges down on the shape of the lock and Leona have helped me finish the patterning on the other side of the key.



My trip to Yorkshire sculpture park was a lot different to what I’ve done before, usually I don’t go to these sort of places and stick to the local area for things to do. But when Soft Touch decided to take us to Yorkshire sculpture park I was looking forward to something different.

When we got there it was in the middle of nowhere basically, this made it better in my opinion. Whilst looking around the area I noticed a lot of the art work was abstract and didn’t have a huge amount of detail, but when I went inside I noticed a huge difference as there was loads of colourful and different things.

I enjoyed the trip a lot, I didn’t understand how the abstract work was really art as it didn’t demonstrate a great deal of dedication, but the other pieces were very good.

Today I’ve been working on my wings which will eventually be placed onto the body of the eagle, I’m sanding it by hand because I prefer the end result and enjoy sanding down wood.


My sculpture is finished, I’ve completed the wings which was going to be on a body which would’ve been sculpted by hand. I decided that I like the way the wings look after 1-2 sessions of sanding them by hand, now I am done.


My trip to Yorkshire sculpture park was good because I could learn about stuff that I didn’t know about and see all different types of weird and wonderful sculptures.

I think the best was the small green house with the massive ball which you can go inside and you can see all the people outside of the green house – but they’re up side down!

I especially liked taking cameras around and taking picture of everything. There is lots of wild life but what i didn’t like is taking the long walk around the park

I liked the stuff inside of the Yorkshire sculpture park exhibitions and there are lots of fascinating things like a gift shop and and other amazing stuff so i think the only thing i didn’t like was the really long walk.


16th August

today i have made my wings for my butterfly it is going to be really big and I’m hoping to finish my butterfly by the end of the day and maybe make some more sculptures!





My sculpture comes in two parts,the first part of it is a key and it is shaped as a leaf. The second part of the sculpture is a Flower shaped lock where the key would go.

Me and Erica both helped each other make the sculpture as best as we could,in our own way.

The flower has a blow torch effect on it and after it was sanded to make a nice texture.

If I was to do this again I would do my own sculpture and make it look like a 3d Butterfly,and try not to depend on Erica helping me all the time.




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Untitled and Totem

Sculpture Description:

This piece consists of two sculptures, both implementing the contrast between burnt and natural wood. Originally, my idea was to turn the tree’s branch ends into gestured hands. I wanted to portray a sense that it knew it was dying: Creating ‘grab’ expressions. However, it became obvious that such detail was taking too long to complete on time, or to the standard that I wanted it at.









I proceeded to experiment, in order to be more flexible, with charring wood: First by drawing on a charred board, then by burning and reassembling a log. It wasn’t until we thought about using the tree again that I had a new theme in mind.


As it is, the tree represents death. However, the idea of totem poles goes to show that this tree doesn’t cease to be of use once it has died.


At first I was unsure on what I wanted to create, especially after seeing the other young peoples sculptures. I wanted to create something initially different and get away from making Something in particular. I really liked the idea of making an object that people could look at and see a different thing every time.

I elaborated on this idea and decided to work around the wood rather than a theme. Vince and I walked around the Gardens for some suitable pieces of wood and eventually I decided on three pieces.












After studying the wood, I decided aspects of it resembled fire and therefore burned the surface of it with a blow torch, Ashton helped with this step. I particularly liked the way this turned out as it created a contrast with the mould and weathering that had already formed on the wood.

Lucy tree








I’m really happy with the way my sculpture turned out, I hope to use it in my GCSE Art Natural Forms module.










Michael H

For my sculpture I decided to make a motorcycle because motorcycles are a passion of mine I also chose to create it as it would be a challenge for a start I had to find solid pieces of wood I also had to find circular pieces of wood I then had to use coach screws to attach the axles to the main frame the first problem was trying to find circular pieces of wood and getting the right width for the wheels but once it was complete I was happy with motorcycle craze because it was not only life size but also very strong.

For the sculpture project I am making a chopper motorcycle so far I have enjoyed doing all the drawing and planning. But most of all I am enjoying actually making my sculpture and seeing it come together.

So far I have made the basic frame and am now putting the back wheel and axle to the frame and I am finding pieces for the handlebars.










Michael P

Today i have been carving the tusks for my warthog and i have been adding details to the design also i have started to sand down the tusks so they look a good colour and I’m making it smoother.




The trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park;

We had to get up early and meet at the work shop in New Walk. We got on the mini bus for a two hour trip and we had fun talking and using the wifi on the bus. When we arrived we had a little nice picnic and the weather was great too.

We saw some sheep and later found out that some have words written on them which all go together to form a sentence.


We later split up to look around the whole park. We started with the new exhibition about fabric. There were statues with amazing patterned clothes but they were headless. It was strange yet cool to find out what they meant or represented. My favourite one was  the statue where the man’s head was replaced by a tap and where water was really pouring out of it into a cup in the his hand.


Another thing that I really liked was the blue crystal room, this room was actually where some one lived and was part building too. An artist asked for permission to fill the room up with copper sulphate and left to react over time, then the room was moved out the building and transported to the park and put on display.


When we were waiting to see what the room was I didn’t expect it too be so amazing and cool. The whole apartment had been crystalised. It was pretty awesome.

The following monday we came to the Arboretum to start work on our own sculpture. I spent that day just thinking and drawing my ideas on paper and tried out different chipping and carving skills. The next day i got to work.


My sculpture is three different animated looking faces on three planks of wood of different shaped, textured and sized wood. I have called the pieces Beauty,Smiler and Tears. I think i am doing well with the project and can’t wait to see the final thing at the end. I have been getting along with everyone too, everyone is very friendly and there are jokes being cracked between us.


It has been great working on the sculptures and also seeing others sculptures come together. I enjoyed trying different ways to bring my sculptures and how to made each one to stand out for each others. I have finished my sculptures and I am very happy with the way the look, I think I enjoyed working with different tools and seeing the different depth and textures the form, over the days I have come to get to know most of the others well and we talk and laugh al the time.


My trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Getting up early was the thing I disliked about the day. The journey there was quite fun & the scenery was pretty cool. Once we arrived at the park we had a lovely picnic. The view there was so amazing and the place had a very welcoming atmosphere. There were some sheep which had some words written on their coats. I thought it was pretty fascinating because if you put the sheep together, it would form a sentence.

The first place we went to was a fabric exhibition. I thought it was very interesting because there were statues that were headless and wore a particular uniform but the patterns were very exotic and bright. My favourite part in that exhibition was the fight between two people. There was also a wall made out of eggs which I thought was pretty interesting.

My favourite part in the whole sculpture park was the blue crystal room. I learnt that it was filled with copper sulphate and was left for a period of time. The solution then had to be drained out and the room was left with blue crystals. It was probably one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen.


Working on my own sculpture

I started designing my sculpture on Monday 12th August. My idea was based on a ‘Two-faced’ person. When it came to the final design, I had one side looking like a sugar skull and the other looking like an extraterrestrial creature. Carving into it was pretty difficult because i was not used to using the equipment. Once I got the hang of it, everything started to become easier. My design had a lot of detail in it so in order to do this, I had to burn on the design. It has been 2 days now & I have nearly completed my sculpture.


have enjoyed doing this project and I have managed to complete two sculptures. The first one is called “The Other Side” which is inspired by someone having two faces. It also has a dark feeling to it because there are features from a sugar skull, which is from The Day of The Dead. To make this, the head and shoulders were carved and then I chiselled the main features into it. For the more fine details, I used a pyrograph (soldering iron) to burn into the wood. The second sculpture I made is called “Adelinda” which is a variant spelling of Old High German Adalinda, meaning “noble serpent”. To make this, an oval-like shape was carved out. I then drew a rough copy of a cobra and then went over it with a pyrograph (soldering iron). Around it, I chiselled cracks to make the snake look like it’s guarded.



My trip to Yorkshire Sculpture park 2013

Arriving at the sculpture park at around 12′ o’clock I had a quick look at a sculpture which made me think today is going to be fun.

We grabbed a bite to eat and set off to look around. Inside the building was fun but when I heard we had to walk 3/4 of a mile to see other sculptures I was dreading it, but because I wanted to see the sculptures I walked to see them.

There was the ball that you should see out of but there was no way of seeing in it was amazing. After that we went into this building which we weren’t allowed to take pictures in, which was very annoying!

In this building there were a lot of cool sculptures and a movie that looked strange but I found out that it was because it was backwards which was really funny.

My favourite part of the day was discovering things i had never seen before. The worst part of the day was having to walk for ages.


16th August – Today i have been Chiseling at my Artwork, I am making a face, I have drilled some eyes, a nostril and a nose, I found in my (sculptures eye,a big lump of metal, it was a  drill bit!