Bleeding HeART Outcomes


14th of February, 2015, love was in the air as Valentine’s day filled the hearts of many… we decided to try and captivate these hearts down a darker route for the love filled day. Bleeding HeART was an exhibition I and Lewis organised with the assistance from other young people; Mason, Emily, Nathan, Kim, Sam and Skyla. The exhibition involved interactive elements as well as presenting artwork for the public to see and gruesome but delicious food to try. The venue was at the Queen of Bradgate pub, who thankfully gave us the space for free and produced the food […] Read more »

Bleeding HeART Exhibition


A photography and art exhibition for one day only! 14 February 12:00 to 8:00 Queen of Bradgate pub High Street next to Orange Tree pub Part of TMC’s #EMerge day Free admission to exhibition Performances of play: details to be confirmed… Read more »

It’s that time again


Last year in December Soft Touch Arts presented ‘A Fright Night Before Christmas’ giving participants a scare as a special early christmas gift. Great feedback was given for this new trial event that the young people have decided to do another one this year on the 1st and 8th of December. A top secret location has been selected for this years Fright Night which only those acting and helping know about. This year we’ve been able to plan out the event much more in detail and with everyone who is involved, getting each of their inputs. The theme has been […] Read more »

Face Painting

Zombies, Models Lewis Buttery, Ed Thurlow and Abby Smith

I have recently found a new like in face painting; whilst on a Halloween project I attempted to paint Lewis’ face, as you can see in the first image captioned ‘creepy clown’ and received positive feedback as well as one of the young participants asking for me to paint his face! From then on I was engaged with this creative art form and continued. The next event to arise was Halloween itself where I quickly adjusted mine and Lewis’ face to suit the characters we were playing. After that I chose to use the upcoming Fright Night Soft Touch have […] Read more »

Lewis at Soft Touch Arts


I began attending the STart project when I was in a bad place: I went through a period of depression through my final years of secondary school and, since leaving, had shut myself out from the world for about a year and a half. I’d worked with the lack of motivation that came with being depressed because school was compulsory; as well as being all that I knew. From the youngest age I’ve also had social anxiety, which I’ve been told is likely to have brought the depression on. I finished secondary school in 2011, earning the equivalent of 13 A*-C grade […] Read more »

Abe’s Soft Touch Arts Experience


It’s been five years since I was first introduced to Soft Touch arts, it was through my secondary school that our paths crossed. They were working on a film project based around Lady Jane Grey to which I almost didn’t get involved with at the time; the participants already working on the project were trying to recruit more people to take part and when they first approached me I was with certain friends who weren’t interested in getting involved, fortunately for me the second time I was asked, the friends that stuck by me until the end of school were […] Read more »

The Beats Mobile

Beatsmobile Makeover 2014

The 15th and 16th of April saw the backside of New Walk’s Soft Touch building getting torn down by some of the staff; as well as the gradual conversion of the Beats Mobile into its new and final design, which resembles the Bat Mobile. At Soft Touch Arts’ new building, Lewis and I planned the design and then got stuck in with painting the car. The weather was beautiful: The sun was out and the heat was up; which was a great help towards letting our paint dry quicker, but it also meant a lot of us ended up with bright […] Read more »

Getting in to the swing of things


I’ve been at Soft Touch for around 6 weeks now, with more opportunities coming my way by the minute. I’m now involved in three weekly sessions: Style your Space, a project at New College with a focus on decorating your home and learning about colours, how they can be used in your home and how they make you feel. Although there was problems early on with attendance, there is now a dedicated core of 6 participants which makes for a brilliant learning environment and some awesome work being created! STart, based here in Soft Touch where young people come in […] Read more »



Hello, I’m Tom. I started at Soft Touch early October for my third year placement at De Montfort University. This is for my course, Youth and Community Development and I should be around until about March 2014… Hopefully i’ll get to know people pretty quickly! Since I have started at Soft Touch, i’ve been getting involved in loads of awesome projects, the first of these being the ‘Mash-Up’ project over in Coalville! This session is based at a skate park, and gets loads of young people heading down to see what they can have a go at. The first week […] Read more »



Hi I’m Hattie, I am a student on placement at Soft Touch and will be with the team from October until March. I am currently studying Youth and Community Development at DMU and hope to become a youth worker in future. I have been on a range of sessions already including art/sculpture sessions at New Parks Adventure Playground which was a fantastic way of seeing how the team deliver the sessions and how the young people and their communities respond to the work. The young people were all actively engaged in the session and seemed to very enjoy creating their […] Read more »