Pop Up Cafe


It has been a good few weeks now that I have been submerged in the Pop Up Cafe that comes around every Thursday which along with Soft Touch Arts, Leicester College students and other young people get involved with the cooking and presenting of food to the cafe. Right now as I typed the pop up cafe is open and already 25 people have come in and experienced the atmosphere and food the young people provide to just the ever day passer by, or the business man on his lunch break. Surveys have suggested that a majority love the food […] Read more »



From 16th of January until the 6th of March Soft Touch Arts alongside New Walk Museum will be exhibiting young people’s artwork for free ,as part of a touring exhibition. I have got involved as a young curator and invigilator of the exhibition, so have chosen which artwork goes where, put up the artwork and watched over the exhibition whilst many have come to view the work of young people. The exhibition has been in Margate and will venture on to the Isle of White but it has been a good experience to have been part of the process and […] Read more »

Bleeding HeART Outcomes


14th of February, 2015, love was in the air as Valentine’s day filled the hearts of many… we decided to try and captivate these hearts down a darker route for the love filled day. Bleeding HeART was an exhibition I and Lewis organised with the assistance from other young people; Mason, Emily, Nathan, Kim, Sam and Skyla. The exhibition involved interactive elements as well as presenting artwork for the public to see and gruesome but delicious food to try. The venue was at the Queen of Bradgate pub, who thankfully gave us the space for free and produced the food […] Read more »

Face Painting

Zombies, Models Lewis Buttery, Ed Thurlow and Abby Smith

I have recently found a new like in face painting; whilst on a Halloween project I attempted to paint Lewis’ face, as you can see in the first image captioned ‘creepy clown’ and received positive feedback as well as one of the young participants asking for me to paint his face! From then on I was engaged with this creative art form and continued. The next event to arise was Halloween itself where I quickly adjusted mine and Lewis’ face to suit the characters we were playing. After that I chose to use the upcoming Fright Night Soft Touch have […] Read more »