It’s that time again


Last year in December Soft Touch Arts presented ‘A Fright Night Before Christmas’ giving participants a scare as a special early christmas gift. Great feedback was given for this new trial event that the young people have decided to do another one this year on the 1st and 8th of December. A top secret location has been selected for this years Fright Night which only those acting and helping know about. This year we’ve been able to plan out the event much more in detail and with everyone who is involved, getting each of their inputs. The theme has been […] Read more »

Face Painting

Zombies, Models Lewis Buttery, Ed Thurlow and Abby Smith

I have recently found a new like in face painting; whilst on a Halloween project I attempted to paint Lewis’ face, as you can see in the first image captioned ‘creepy clown’ and received positive feedback as well as one of the young participants asking for me to paint his face! From then on I was engaged with this creative art form and continued. The next event to arise was Halloween itself where I quickly adjusted mine and Lewis’ face to suit the characters we were playing. After that I chose to use the upcoming Fright Night Soft Touch have […] Read more »

STart cardboard boxes

Fran-A-Tron  is ready to complete her mission.

Thursday the 28th Of August, once again another STart session took place and this time it saw the creation of cardboard being turned into something more. It started off with our sessional worker doing some cleaning up before the session started. She was about to throw out a cardboard box that was no longer needed when I decided that it could have some use before completely getting rid of. Cutting out some holes in the box for arms and eyes and drawing a smile I had a character that gave influence for Kieran to go on to along with Jack […] Read more »

Step by Step Stages


I would like to show you what I have currently been up to with my stencil, with it being pretty much complete except framed, I would like to show you the step by step I took in making this complete.   This along with many other young peoples self portraits will be exhibited in a local shopping centre unit for people to come and view and hopefully like. Read more »

Leicester comic con

Leicester Comic Con 2014

  So the 21st of June, 2014 the comic con was held in Leicester, the young people from the STart group at Soft Touch Arts were asked if they would help volunteer at the event with the craft workshop and just in general, five of us offered are assistance. Mason assisted with his manga drawings by doing a self portrait for the public who approached, Lynton did some spray painting on T-shirts, I took photos of the event and Josh and Kyle were general helpers if needed.   The event had a great turn out with many cosplayers dressed as […] Read more »

I, Malvolio review by Abby Smith


So the 24th of May saw I and three others from the STart group went to watch a performance at the Curve Theatre, called “I, Malvolio”. It involved one performer named Tim Crouch, doing a piece based around the Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night”. So, after Jim having booked them, all we had to do was pick the tickets up. Thanks to the Spark festival, we got them for free; and, to be honest, the performance would have been worth the £8 that they were  priced at anyway. The fact we got the opportunity to watch such a excellent performance for […] Read more »

STart go to London- Abby’s Perspective.


So, the 28th of May 2014 the STart group from Soft Touch Arts went on a trip to London to the Tate Modern and got given tickets by the Mighty Creatives to also view the Matisse gallery displayed within. It entitled a 9:30am meet at the train station to help late comers not be late and at 9:59am all seated on the train off we went. 1 hour and 15 minutes of traveling we arrived at ST.Pancreas station where we were held up by a long wait for tube tickets to which Jim finally bought but returned rather cheesed off […] Read more »

London Trip – Kyle’s perspective

By Abby Smith

Waking up at 5:36 is never a good way to start a weekday, especially when it’s during half-term. That is, unless you’re looking forward to a trip to London in but a few hours. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite understand the significance of this day in particular and decided to quite literally rain on our parade, but once we’d boarded the train and began our hour or so long journey of London, the majority of our weather related worries disappeared. So did the rain. We arrived at Saint Pancras’ station, only to find out that we needed tickets for the […] Read more »

Thursday sessions progression

Maya's progress

Here are the stencils progress from being just a cut out to now having a touch of colour to them. Not all at there final stage but it’s a start and all are showing potential to something that will look brilliant. These are just a few of the stencils, other people in the groups stencils are still a work in progress and haven’t got to the spray painting stage but will soon be. Read more »

Kyle’s perspective

Thursday sessions are known for being chaos incarnate, but amongst the anarchy and other such things that are apparently the norm for these sessions, lies the fact that we still somehow manage to make progress in our own individual projects as well as the ones for the entire group to participate in. For the past few weeks, stencils have been the most common of the bunch, with different people working on different ones each session. Edits have been made to some of the stencils so that they ultimately stand out and offer a window into the messed up machinations of […] Read more »