Tanjima Khatun perspective

By Siham

we are doing a project showing the differences from the 1950’s and now. we are creating something for the which shows the dreams and expectations from the two time periods, it also shows how the genders differ and how people wanted different things. we want the project to be interactive and something which people can see from all angles. it would be vibrant and attractive so it appeals to all age types. we are making a dodecahedron which has collages on it which show the comparisons. the top half shows the dreams and the bottom half shows the expectations.   […] Read more »

1950’s Project

1950s vs 2010s Exhibition

Currently at Soft Touch Arts, a project where we are comparing the 1950’s to now is taking place every Wednesday. It involves a small group of us and since last September we had been mainly planning but now we are finally starting to make our ideas for each groups theme for the exhibition we hope to hold at the new Soft Touch Arts building when it opens later this year. The project is showing the comparison of young people back in the ’50’s to the young people now. It has meant a lot of planning and research to come up […] Read more »