Bleeding HeART Exhibition


A photography and art exhibition for one day only! 14 February 12:00 to 8:00 Queen of Bradgate pub High Street next to Orange Tree pub Part of TMC’s #EMerge day Free admission to exhibition Performances of play: details to be confirmed… Read more »

It’s that time again


Last year in December Soft Touch Arts presented ‘A Fright Night Before Christmas’ giving participants a scare as a special early christmas gift. Great feedback was given for this new trial event that the young people have decided to do another one this year on the 1st and 8th of December. A top secret location has been selected for this years Fright Night which only those acting and helping know about. This year we’ve been able to plan out the event much more in detail and with everyone who is involved, getting each of their inputs. The theme has been […] Read more »

Face Painting

Zombies, Models Lewis Buttery, Ed Thurlow and Abby Smith

I have recently found a new like in face painting; whilst on a Halloween project I attempted to paint Lewis’ face, as you can see in the first image captioned ‘creepy clown’ and received positive feedback as well as one of the young participants asking for me to paint his face! From then on I was engaged with this creative art form and continued. The next event to arise was Halloween itself where I quickly adjusted mine and Lewis’ face to suit the characters we were playing. After that I chose to use the upcoming Fright Night Soft Touch have […] Read more »

Garden Glasto

By Abby Smith.

The 12th of July saw the return of the Garden Glasto, which involves socialising in the back garden of an unassuming couple’s home. Attendees are permitted to camp for the night whilst during the day you enjoy listening to local bands play, cook some delicious food on the BBQ, entertain yourself on the bouncy castle or come and take part in the activities we provided. Lewis, Ruth and I went on behalf of Soft Touch Arts and let people know who were Soft Touch and what they do but we also took the Soft Touch bike along and created painted vinyls with […] Read more »

Acclaimed hauntings at the New Soft Touch Building

Ghoul Kieran

On 31st of October 2013, the new Soft Touch Arts building was taken over by the land of the dead; giving local businesspeople a fright as they walked around the new building, where the plans for the building were unveiled. The whole bottom floor of the building was used; in the main room there were drinks and socialising between business’ and young people happening, as well as speeches from Soft Touch to Lady Gretton and the unveiling plans for the future Soft Touch Arts building. It the back rooms there was the opportunity for guests to play the Soft Touch […] Read more »