London Trip – Kyle’s perspective

By Abby Smith

Waking up at 5:36 is never a good way to start a weekday, especially when it’s during half-term. That is, unless you’re looking forward to a trip to London in but a few hours. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite understand the significance of this day in particular and decided to quite literally rain on our parade, but once we’d boarded the train and began our hour or so long journey of London, the majority of our weather related worries disappeared. So did the rain. We arrived at Saint Pancras’ station, only to find out that we needed tickets for the […] Read more »

Thursday sessions progression

Maya's progress

Here are the stencils progress from being just a cut out to now having a touch of colour to them. Not all at there final stage but it’s a start and all are showing potential to something that will look brilliant. These are just a few of the stencils, other people in the groups stencils are still a work in progress and haven’t got to the spray painting stage but will soon be. Read more »