Tanjima Khatun perspective

By Siham

we are doing a project showing the differences from the 1950’s and now. we are creating something for the which shows the dreams and expectations from the two time periods, it also shows how the genders differ and how people wanted different things. we want the project to be interactive and something which people can see from all angles. it would be vibrant and attractive so it appeals to all age types. we are making a dodecahedron which has collages on it which show the comparisons. the top half shows the dreams and the bottom half shows the expectations.   […] Read more »

1950’s Project

1950s vs 2010s Exhibition

Currently at Soft Touch Arts, a project where we are comparing the 1950’s to now is taking place every Wednesday. It involves a small group of us and since last September we had been mainly planning but now we are finally starting to make our ideas for each groups theme for the exhibition we hope to hold at the new Soft Touch Arts building when it opens later this year. The project is showing the comparison of young people back in the ’50’s to the young people now. It has meant a lot of planning and research to come up […] Read more »

The Beats Mobile

Beatsmobile Makeover 2014

The 15th and 16th of April saw the backside of New Walk’s Soft Touch building getting torn down by some of the staff; as well as the gradual conversion of the Beats Mobile into its new and final design, which resembles the Bat Mobile. At Soft Touch Arts’ new building, Lewis and I planned the design and then got stuck in with painting the car. The weather was beautiful: The sun was out and the heat was up; which was a great help towards letting our paint dry quicker, but it also meant a lot of us ended up with bright […] Read more »

Kyle’s perspective

Thursday sessions are known for being chaos incarnate, but amongst the anarchy and other such things that are apparently the norm for these sessions, lies the fact that we still somehow manage to make progress in our own individual projects as well as the ones for the entire group to participate in. For the past few weeks, stencils have been the most common of the bunch, with different people working on different ones each session. Edits have been made to some of the stencils so that they ultimately stand out and offer a window into the messed up machinations of […] Read more »

STart Nottingham trip.


20th of February 2014, around a group of 16 young people including myself went on a day out to Nottingham with Soft Touch Arts to the art contemporary to view and discuss the art that was currently being shown their and see if we could be inspired by any of the work to come up with our own art. So via train we headed to Nottingham; I hadn’t been on a train for a long time so for some strange reason this was quite an exciting experience even if we were delayed slightly and the train journey was only short […] Read more »

Let’s talk about sex.


So, things have set off as I now plan my sex education task during the STart sessions. My homework task to complete my spoof song I successfully accomplished and took with me along to the last session to finally share with the group. The response I received couldn’t have been better! A fellow young person spoke it out loud beautifully in the style of a poem and the unexpected laughs that came from the people was music to my ears, I had successfully created something funny and educational. We now plan to turn it into a music video in the […] Read more »